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Rankbrain is one of the components of the algorithm deployed by Google for several years. It uses artificial intelligence Made in Google To analyze, understand and respond to user searches on the search engine.

It causes changes in Google’s way of interpreting user searches and displaying results. It is interesting to know how to use this tool to make its site appear in good position of search results (maybe that’s why you’re here right now?!).

Hang in there: a little overview of how the algorithm works, how does it respond to user requests? How to tame the beast and use it to optimize its SEO in 2019?

We offer you a small remedial session on the subject before giving you 3 SEO tips to optimize your content and strengthen your visibility on the web in 2019.

Rankbrain: The robot that wants you well (much like Wall-E but less cute)

Deployed since 2016, Rankbrain is the learning machine from Google. Like the other algorithms of the search engine, Rankbrain seeks to understand always better the queries made by users on the web to provide a pertinent answer.

Nothing changed will you say, This is always what Google has been trying to do since its creation in 1998.

This is indeed the initial objective of Rankbrain: to bring satisfaction to the user by responding in a relevant way to the Micro-moments of interactions That punctuate the users ‘ journey on the search engine.

Except that unlike other algorithms of the firm, Rankbrain does not attempt to display results that it has been taught to recognize as relevant. Instead, he will use his artificial intelligence to observe the different elements of the query, analyze them and find himself the most suitable answer.

Indeed, with Rankbrain, it is the AI developed by Google that will analyze the searches made by users, interpret them to understand what is the intention of the user behind the search and display a result.

Rankbrain will analyze each component of the user’s query before searching for its result. Each word is thus analyzed to define the actual expectation of the visitor in terms of the result (source:


So it’s an opportunity for a Web page to be displayed not for a single specific query but for a set of queries related to a specific topic.

For example, let’s analyze these different queries:

  • Christmas recipes
  • Recipes for Christmas dinner
  • Best Christmas Recipes

It is easy to understand, for us humans, that the intention to search is the same: the user seeks to find the best meal for the holidays of end of year.

Well Rankbrain is going to be able to do this work of reflection by analyzing the intention behind the research to bring its answer. It will naturally bring out partially similar results for different starting requests.

A site with content that can satisfy these three requests is therefore the opportunity to appear at the top of the results for each of them.

But then what is the ultimate solution to place its site in search results in 2019, knowing that it is Terminator who holds the controls?

Well, friends, I have the pleasure to give you this answer:

There are none!

A selection of search results still unclear

There is indeed a shadow in what is known of the criteria for the selection of research results by the Crawlers.

That said, We know that RB takes into account :

  • The user signal : How the user interacts with your page, if he likes the content he sees, does this one promote interaction with the user?
  • The depth of the content : The variants of keywords that are associated with the main topic of the page, the related topics mentioned in the content.
  • The freshness of the page : The updating of its content, any evidence of the relevance and legitimacy of the text.

What is less known is the level of importance given to these elements depending on the subject of the research.

Rankbrain adapts to each request and will use these different result selection criteria depending on the domain of the query. The importance of these criteria will vary depending on whether you are talking about eyeglasses, an article about Zebus in Canada or the complete presentation of an SEO strategy for 2019.

Rankbrain User Signal

How Rankbrain seems to take into account the user signals

It is therefore up to you to analyze the elements taken into consideration by Rankbrain in your sector to show the actors in the search result. You can then deduct the actions to be carried out.

3 recommendations to be implemented to tame Rankbrain

Here are now three tips to put in place to optimize your content and make your site valuable to the eyes of Rankbrain.

Tip # 1: Improve your user experience

Since the appearance of your site in Google search results, until the end of the user’s visit, make sure to make your content easy to read and browse. What could be worse than finding yourself on a site with an approximate design, a risky navigation and where you can hardly find the information you are looking for?

To overcome this, start by optimizing your meta titles, to make them more attractive and use Semantic tags To enrich your results.

SERP Example

In comparison, the enriched results bring a real greater-value to your visibility on the search engine

On your site, be sure to ensure a good browsing experience for your visitor. Apply Some UX basics To make your site enjoyable leaves to call on professionals of the sector who will give you an objective opinion on the elements to optimize.

The goal of this optimization?

Reduce bounce rate, or rebound rate, from your Web pages.

As mentioned earlier, the user signal is one of the key factors used by RankBrain to define the relevance of a Web site and its display in search engines. Sites that have too high a bounce rate can be defined as irrelevant and could thus lose places in their ranking in search result pages.

Tip # 2: Think of your user first

Logical continuation of the previous point, the creation of content (blog article, product page…) must be made in such a way as to make it the most enjoyable to read and to browse.

Feel free to aerate your page using Titrailles to compartmentalize the content, manage the space and design of your blog so as not to disturb the visitor during his reading. Use illustrations to enhance the reading of the blog articles and support your comments, your message will have no impact on the reader’s eyes.

Do better than your competitors, don’t just talk about a single topic on your page by focusing on one keyword but try to be as exhaustive as possible in the information you bring. Try to answer your visitor’s problem first, rather than trying to please Google robots.

Tip # 3: Video, Queen of content

Finally, I advise you to integrate as often as possible a video in your content. Not being specifically a determining factor in the Rankbrain recommendations, inserting a video into your content will bring you 3 advantages:

  • A more important user commitment (experience, I could see that the simple integration of a video on a landing page greatly increases the user’s commitment to it)
  • The message will be passed more easily. “A picture is worth a thousand words” would have said Confucius (yes, it’s always stylish the quotes at the end of the article). Well this is even more true for your brand: Video is an effective way to get a message to the public quickly. It has also become the Media Privileged by marketers.
  • The creation of an immediate proximity with your audience, which will put a face, a voice or an atmosphere on your name. This is the beginning of a trusting relationship that you have to develop in order to retain your future audience.

Between us, didn’t you directly click the Video playback button of this article when you found out?

To you now.

Share with us your experiences with RankBrain, your cold sweats, your good surprises or the less good ones. Have you ever put this advice into practice? What’s the result?



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