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The U Rank Media Commitment

Born between Quebec 🇨🇦 and France 🇫🇷, U Rank Media brings its experience to companies in developing their visibility.

I am Thibault, the creator of U Rank Media. I have spent the last 5 years implementing SEO strategies for companies with different backgrounds and sizes. I am now looking to support companies of all sizes in their online communication strategies.

But enough about me…


My skills in SEO/SEM

The SEO audit is the basis of any natural referencing action. It allows to analyze the site in depth to detect elements that can be a hindrance to the development of its visibility. The audit will cover both the technical aspect of the site (development, page performance, optimization of crawling) and its content (relevance of the keywords used, the diversity of topics discussed), the optimization of internal and external linking.

I provide you

  • A complete audit that takes over all the elements used for SEO optimization of your site
  • An interview to explain in detail all these points and define the actions to be carried out.




Unlike paid referencing, natural referencing, or SEO, requires the establishment of long-term actions to make a lasting contribution to the visibility of a website. It is therefore necessary to develop in advance a strategy of content creation adapted to your objectives while adapting to the market in which your site evolves.

I provide you

No turnkey solution But I personally assist you in developing a strategy optimized for your business. We will work together to define which solution is best suited to your situation according to your objectives and the resources available

With powerful tools to analyze a large number of web sites, competitive analysis presents a snapshot of the environment in which your site, its competitors and the development opportunities that are offered are evolving. It may eventually lead to the implementation of a series of actions to develop your online presence.

I provide you

A presentation table of your main competitors, the keywords on which they are currently positioned and the opportunities available to you to surpass them.

You’ll agree, nothing more harmless than a penguin on the ice. On the web, the reality is quite different. The Google Pinguin algorithm proves to be much more aggressive than its alcids confreres… Responsible for detecting low-quality links or “spammy” pointing to websites, it penalizes websites that would use an over-optimization of incoming links, sometimes with dramatic consequences for their owner. So you have to be sure of the relevance and quality of the incoming links to your site.

I provide you

A complete analysis of the incoming linksS and outgoing to/from your site with a summary of their dangerousness or their profit. Then we define together the appropriate actions to be carried out to optimize these elements.

The purpose of the semantic analysis of a website is to analyze all the subjects present on the site to define its relevance and to infer opportunities for improvement. The semantic power of a Web site can, if well managed, bring a real strategic advantage to those who want to position themselves durably in Web search results.

I provide you

A detailed report on the semantic content of your website, its power and its current visibility. Depending on your goals, I will then be able to offer you a series of keywords and topics to discuss to develop your visibility in a specific area.

Google’s SEM campaigns let you instantly show your site on Google search results by purchasing keywords that are relevant to your business. This technique allows you to acquire visitors quickly and at an optimal cost (you only pay when the customer interacts with your ad)

I provide you

  • Setting up SEM campaigns (Google Ads) adapted to your audience according to know-how acquired in a digital agency
  • Regular monitoring of the performance of your campaigns and the implementation of patches
  • Progress reports to keep you informed of campaign performance

I worked with them

(and apparently they liked it)

Thibault contributed to the construction and growth of the SEO of Amilia. His actions led to a 50% increase in lead generation last year. He is an out-of-the-ordinary thinker who is constantly looking for new ways to improve his SEO efforts. Beyond the results of his work, Thibault’s willingness to teach and share his knowledge has benefited the entire Amilia marketing team.


Marketing Director, Amilia

It was a real pleasure to work with Thibault! His SEO expertise allowed us to grow our e-commerce site in its first year of launch. Thanks to him, we were able to thwart all our weaknesses in the SEO and to ensure an optimum positioning today. Thank you Thibault for your help.


Head of Webmarketing, Ubisoft Montréal

The work that Thibault has provided within our team has allowed us to quickly position our company in a thriving online business. In a few weeks, he managed to position several of our brands in the first places of Google search results for keywords with high potential. I would recommend it without hesitation.


Marketing Director, Abopress

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