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The organic cosmetics market is valued at over $ 13 billion for 2018 and is expected to be a little less than $ 22 billion by 2024. This is a booming industry and there has never been a better time to start and grow your own organic beauty business.

To stand out from your competitors, make sure you are visible when searching for your products online. This implies implementing an optimized SEO strategy that will meet your visibility objectives.

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My SEO field of action

Audit SEO

The SEO audit can detect the obstacles to SEO that could penalize the site. It will cover both its content, its technical design, the way Google analyzes etc.

Analyse de liens entrants (backlinks)

Link analysis is used to identify links that point to your site and to define their relevance. Depending on their quality or “toxicity”, these links send a strong signal used by Google to define the quality of a site.

Analyse concurrentielle

An analysis of the environment in which the site evolves can identify the elements used by its competitors to appear on certain queries and prepare an action plan adapted to surpass them.

Why being on Google ?

Today in the world, it’s more than 70,000 requests that are made on Google every second! A majority of Internet users therefore use the search engine to answer their questions, develop their knowledge or to learn about products or services. It is therefore essential for any business to position itself on Google to ensure that it is visible to these potential customers.

These visitors will be even more qualified if they will access your website at the exact moment when they are looking for an offer that you propose and which could suit them.

Why hire an SEO consultant ?

Among the reasons that justify using an SEO consultant for the development of your online presence, we can cite three main

  • A SEO consultant will first of all bring you his experience to identify the opportunities available to you for SEO & nbsp; Positioning on new keywords, reorganization of the site structure, acquisition of backlinks … He will know refer you to the most relevant solutions to achieve your goals.
  • After analyzing the existing one, the SEO consultant will be able to present you a strategy adapted to your resources which will aim at a maximum return on investment. & nbsp; It will be created based on your objectives, your needs and the resources available to you.
  • Through the use of tools specifically designed for SEO optimization such asSemRush, AHref, Screaming Frog … he will quickly find where locate the strengths and weaknesses of your site. It can then exploit them to (re) give your site all the visibility it deserves.

SEO SEO, received ideas

There are still many misconceptions about the benefits of optimizing SEO website. Here are 3 main ones, feel free to contact us if other questions persist.

It's expensive and unprofitable


SEO is suitable for any type of budget, simple optimizations on your site can improve your positioning. These actions can move you up a few places, sometimes enough to reach the top of Google results

SEO takes time


Good things come to those who wait for. It usually depends on the market in which your business is operating, the age of your website and the actions already taken. It is true that the results will not be effective immediately, unlike paid search actions ( Google ads ). It will be necessary to wait a few weeks or months to observe the first results: it is a condition that must be accepted before setting up an SEO strategy.

SEO lasts

True, but…

This is indeed one of the advantages of SEO. When you rank high in the search results, you will stay there until a competitor comes to dethrone you or the search engine deems your site less relevant: So be sure to include your strategy on the long term.

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